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Eventrii enables you to create all types of events and manage your Online RSVP

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Invite your Guests

Choose one of our designed online E invitations, or use your event unique event link to send to your guests and wait for your guests to RSVP Online for your wedding or event.

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Use our promotion tools to promote your event to a wider audience. Improved target marketing strategies.

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Why Choose Eventrii

By choosing to use Eventrii you make the experience of inviting your guests to your special day so simple and straightforward. We are the best Free Online RSVP in the UK.

Whilst planning your event you can choose one of our designed online E Invitations and send to your guests along with your unique event link that allow your guests to RSVP Online free.  This will enable you to manage your guest list online and will permit you to view guest responses, manually accept/decline guests and generate an up-to-date online guest list report. Eventrii offers users an innovative twist, by allowing Event Photo Sharing. Guests can take photos of the event and upload them to the event page. Event Photo sharing allows the guests to reminisce and reconnect again by viewing the special moments of the event. The free RSVP Tracker is the best in the US and we have published events in London, India, America, Spain and Russia. The Online RSVP tool is simple to use and allows photo sharing to bring that little more excitement to your event. Planning your wedding and thinking about using an online RSVP with your wedding guest list, try Eventrii.

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This Service is so easy and simple to use, definitely would use it again

Adrianna Dukes

This Service is so easy and simple to use, definitely would use it again, This Service is so easy and simple to use, definitely would use it again.


I love the uploading photos feature :)