3 keys to capturing your audience at a Public Speaking Event.

3 keys to capturing your audience at a Public Speaking Event.

Capturing the audience attention is an art, but is the confidence displayed form public speaking, something you are born with? Well the answer to that question is paramount, because once you capture your audience minds, you will be able to stimulate action through the heart, which we all know is the seed of motivation. You will be happy to know that yes, natural ability does help, but public speaking can be taught and learnt. You just need to be determined to conquer it.

Now we know many types of public speaking with, familiar faces, like being the best man at a wedding (http://www.eventrii.com/blog/how-to-write-a-good-bestman-speech-structure/) or unfamiliar faces at a public event. The result is always the same so these tips, will help you apply them in any type of event. Now there is many points that will help but we will focus on 3 for now.

Fluent Delivery

If we are able to deliver our thoughts and words, as smooth as the object gliding across the ice, people will pay attention. If our speech is jerky, very slow and you’re constantly grappling for words, then you will lose the audience attention. In fact the minds of your audience will wander. So let’s look at few important points.

  • Broaden your vocabulary – This will help you deliver your material without constantly reverting back to “and erm”, “you know”, “you see” and long pauses, where your listeners can see your struggling to formulate your idea or sentences. To improve on this, you need to read more aloud and listen to yourself and understand the meaning of difficult words you come across and then add them to your vocabulary.

  • Preparation – Organise your thoughts logically and simple, if it doesn’t make sense to you, then you’ve already lost your most valuable critic, YOURSELF. Highlight key points, so that they stand out from the rest, this adds excitement to your presentation and will develop your presenting skills

  • Ideas – Don’t just read words from your notes, convey ideas, if you understand the idea, your notes will only be an aid, in fact you will want to condense the detail in your notes, to just give your mind a reminder of the principle ideas. This gives your mind artistic rights, to enable your personality and style to shine through.


This point is really underestimated, but so key in delivering your public speaking. Too loud and you can irritate your audience, too quiet and you don’t reach your audience. Volume, sets the mood of any situation, a quiet whisper arouses the suspicion of something secret, important and endearing. Yes volume can help illustrate main points, whether you raise your volume or reduce it.

  • Size of your audience – this has a massive bearing on your volume, you need to measure the volume of your normal speaking voice, to the size and distance of your audience. Use the reaction of your audience to identify whether you are too loud or too quiet. People can’t hide their expressions, so they will let you know, some way or another.

  • Distracting Noises – You may need to compete with catering companies in the background, crying babies, anything, so be prepared to adjust when necessary. You need to be aware of your surroundings

  • Breathing and Posture – Breathing and the way you stand will help, stand erect and push your shoulders back, breathe deeply and start your speaking, be sure to breathe, so that your voice volume, has the fuel needed to project.

Gestures and Face Expressions

Gestures and facial expressions help add spice to your words. Naturally they will make you come alive, as it invites you to become more expressive. Your face will also add life to your words and your audience will sense the feeling of what you’re saying.

  • Face Expression – Use your face to show your audience how you feel about what you’re saying, so whether disgust or interest you are trying to convey, let your face play a part, but take caution, don’t look like you’re having a seizure or stroke.

  • Gestures – Let your hands be controlled but able to emphasize important points, but have caution, don’t poke your eye out.

In conclusion keep a smile on your face, the audience will feel a lot more comfortable and relaxed.

That concludes what we think is 3 points that will help you at your public event.

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