5 Tips to create your Wedding Guest list

  • Arguably, this is one of the most important aspects of planning your big day. However, sitting down with your partner to create a guest list can be the most frustrating and time-consuming process ever.  Deciding on what family to invite, what friends you want at your day, which colleagues to invite, as well as trying to fit in both sets of parent guest list wishes can be daunting and overwhelming.  Therefore, we have provided five best ways to make your guest list.

1.       Start with all your guests

That is right, write all the guests names you can imagine that you would like to be at to your wedding.  This might include your Dads’ second cousin, your next-door neighbour, your first teacher, the person you always see walking the dog.  Whomever you can think of and add these guests to your list and then you have completed your first guest list draft. Easy peesy, now comes the hard part.  If you have already booked your venue, you will know the maximum guests that can attend.  In addition, if you have not done so already, create a budget, so you know how much your guests will cost you. Now you have your budget and venue confirmed, it is time to start stripping back your dream guest list.

2.       Friends

You would think inviting friends would be simple. However, would all your friends make the wedding guest circle, especially if numbers are limited?  In addition, the perception of friends can differ between the couple planning the wedding.  For example, would you invite your school friends that you have not spoken to personally but may be still in contact on social media?  It is best to agree a few rules from the beginning to establish the friends you both wish to invite to your big day.  For example, only those who you have met up with socially in the past six months or speak to regularly may warrant sending an invite.  Whatever rules it is, it is important to agree on them and stick to them.

3.       Family

Family members should be straight forward, but it gets complicated the further they are to being a relative.  Unless there has been a massive fall out, immediate family should be part of the big day. However when deciding to invite other family members, it would be wise to seek advice from close relatives. Failing that you and your partner could create rules such as how long has it been since you last spoke and see which member make the cut.  However, it might not go down well, if you invite your second cousin and not the other cousins. Therefore, you might need to tread carefully, but remember it is your day after all.

4.       Colleagues

It is inevitable that you will get on with some colleagues better than you would with others.  Therefore, this can be handle in two ways albeit contrasting ways. The first method can be invite all or do not bother inviting any. In this way, no one will feel left out and will feel better about not being invited. The second method is only invite those you consider a friend, and this includes your manager.

5.       Parents

It is only natural that parent’s want to be involved in the preparation of their children’s wedding.  However helpful this may be intended, sometime this can create more stress for the soon to be bride and groom. Therefore, the best thing to do is to listen to your parents’ wishes, go away talk amongst yourselves and see what fits in with your plans.  If it does not than the best thing to do is to be honest and tell them.

In conclusion, when creating your guest list it is important to limit the amount of stress and drama as planning your day is supposed to be fun.  In this way, it will not feel like a drawn out task that you will not enjoy. More importantly, if you utilise tools that will assist you and make both your lives easier it will benefit you. Eventrii.com is an rsvp service that automatically generates a guest list from your guests RSVP’s so you will know exactly who is attending your big day.  In addition all guests have to do is click a link on your invitation to RSVP and it only takes a few seconds. This will make planning your day a lot easier.

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