How to ask for rsvp confirmation when people don’t RSVP to your kids party

How to ask for rsvp confirmation (When people don’t RSVP to your kid’s party)

Now when I discussed this topic with my good friend being as his personality rest on the opinion of “never be backwards about coming forward” it was an easy solution on her part. If they don’t respond with a RSVP confirmation to my kid’s party, then they are not invited, period, they haven’t got the decency to respond yes or no, then they don’t deserve to make at my child’s party. I understand that point but when my son or daughter is upset because 40% of their best friends are not there, it feels like cutting my nose off to spite my face. I want them to have a good party and have all their friends there, just because their parents don’t respond, they shouldn’t suffer.

So I decided to understand the reasons for people not responding and here are my thoughts below,

  • Too busy
  • Forgot the deadline
  • Doesn’t actually want to go
  • I thought I responded

All the excuses below have probably been used by most of us, but the one that really runs parallel with all the rest on the list is “Too busy”, being too busy makes your forgetful, not wanting to attend and think, that you have already said yes. We all are too busy, but funny enough if I look around the playground at school time pick up, all the parents are playing on their phones, we still find time to be on our phone and check facebook, instagram and emails on a daily basis or like a picture we have seen, so if it’s not on our phone, then it falls into the too busy to do pile.

You may argue that’s why you put your number on the invitation, but even handing out your number like that, will have your number floating around all different places, receiving RSVP confirmation messages alongside your personal, getting mixed up.

You see when people don’t respond to a RSVP, to your kid’s party, it leaves you in a position that causes stress, but the truth is our guests don’t think about the stresses it causes, so don’t take it personal, that’s my first bit of advice, remember we are all way too busy these days. The most important thing to do is look at ways you can improve your RSVP responses, but what can you do? And will the solution cost me a lot of money, more than I am currently paying. Well let’s look at the cheapest and affordable way to get an rsvp confirmation to your child’s party.

So what are the steps you follow at the moment?

  • Decide on a invite list
  • Buy invitations (Cost)
  • Hand them out (Time consuming)
  • Chase RSVP confirmations (Time consuming)
  • Text back, thank you (Time consuming)
  • Re-write list with guests names and dietary requirements (Time consuming)
  • Miss out on photos taken, as guests keep them on their phone, after the party (Irritating)

Well as a parent, there is nothing worse than wasting money and that’s wasting time. Mums and Dads don’t have time to waste these days, so managing things online is easier and if you can save money, then even better.

So you have your kids party to plan and you need to make receiving RSVP’S easy, so let’s see how, can help

  • Decide on a invite list (That’s something you have to do online or offline, but once you’ve don’t this on You can add, amend or print whenever necessary)
  • Buy invitations (With every event you have a choice of invitations to print off yourself, which will save you money and time, if you need more just set up your printer and a way you go)
  • Hand them out (This can be done via email or physically) but the QR code makes it easier for your guests.
  • Chase RSVP confirmations (Eventrii produces a link that the guest can click and confirm they are attending, you just check online, when you have 5 minutes)
  • Text back, thank you (Eventrii will say thank you, to all the children’s parents)
  • Re-write list with guests names and dietary requirements (You can print your list straight from the profile page)
  • Miss out on photos taken, as guests keep them on their phone, after the party (Guests can upload photos, that will appear on your event profile)


The cost, well I guess all of the above is great but that’s the most important question, I think, well it will cost £9.85, but invitations alone will cost you £5-£10, so the rest of features are free.

The aspect of having invitations you can print yourself, will reduce cost and time. When you need more invitations you can just power up your printer and pick what type of paper you want to make things more fancy and then press print.

Let’s start to give people no excuse to RSVP, making it easier to confirm to a party using electronic invitations, emails and a RSVP online, does all those things.

Who are we, well we are based in the United Kingdom or England, but our service can be used worldwide, our US or United States customers think we are affordable and effective. That’s just a few of the locations we service but our prime drive is improve the process of planning your party or event.

Just a an idea we also think will add to your child’s party if you’re thinking of capturing photos,

Photo booth (Always get the deal with unlimited prints, groupon is a great place to search before you book, as there are deals out there)

Slideshows are really good, as they add to the flavour of the party. Eventrii also has the option to use slideshow online, so don’t forget to use all the features.

So we hope we have helped you see how to ask for rsvp confirmation (When people don’t RSVP to your kid’s party)

All the best and share this page if you found it useful.

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