Best Strategies to Promote Your Events on Social Media in 2018

Are you looking for great ideas to promote your event and want to make it a memorable one? Well, social media is one of the best options to use, when it comes to event promotion planning. In recent years, almost everyone likes to be on social media. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Instagram and Youtube are current platforms to help you obtain huge crowd presence at your event. Below are a few social media strategies that can be used to help your event go viral.

Approach Different Social Media platforms:

Social media provides the “Best Strategies to Promote Your Event” in a very convenient way. There are several specific proven social media routes to make your event promotion an effective one.

The use of Facebook is very popular when it comes to promoting your event. Making an attractive and professional looking ad for your event and updating your FB page’s cover-letter to make it look more striking can gain more attention from your visitors. Using your “Tagging” option allows your page followers to invite more people to know about your event.

Twitter “Hashtag” can make your event reach the massive and attract a vast number of people to follow your brand or business page. The ability to attach images containing the event’s information encourages followers to Re-tweet.  Another way to engage people is interacting with the public about your event.

Instagram is another amazing medium to make your event visualised by many people. Generally people are attracted to powerful images and videos so use these tools to promote your event. Reach right inside the pocket of your potential attendees by posting attractive short videos about your next event through insta-world.

Create an Event and Make Your Page Image Relevant:

In this fast-paced world, people do not have enough time to read large amounts of texts; instead, they like something that could grab their attention straightaway. Show event’s related images with the right combination of colors, background and appeal to visitors’ imagination. Show how it will be amazing to attend your event by attaching some old event images. For this purpose, you can design some previously held event’s image with some thrilling graphics along you’re your company’s logo, date, event name, venue and a punching sentence to make people to participate. Images have more ability to tell the whole story about an event rather than putting simple text.

Make Some Investment:

To make your event reach a larger targeted audience, you have to pay for this privilege. Platforms such as Facebook, twitter, and Instagram provide this.  The spent amount will not go to waste, but should return on your investment, as new potential visitors will see your ad. All you need to do is pick an image with a promotional look, provide a backlink to your website, preferred audience and the duration for the ad to run, and you are all set and ready to go.

Post Your Event Update on Various Social Media:

To keep everyone informed of the event information, make sure you post updates on all your social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and in Youtube etc.) and answer all queries raised by the public. It will leave a positive impact on the image of your company and make people believe that there is real person sitting on the other side. 

Relate Your Brand Story or include a Link:

People want to listen to the real story behind your success. So, make sure it is something personal and real.  In the “About Us” page of your website, relate a real story about how you initiated your journey towards success and what obstacles you faced and eventually overcame to get where you are, describe your goals and your motivation. Conclude your story by saying “Thank You” to the readers. While sharing event related posts on social media, put a link that will redirect the visitor toward your about us page.

Make Some Promotional Videos For the Event:

Creating promotional videos to promote your event is a clever idea. According to a social media survey, people are 150% more likely to watch a video message rather than reading an article. So, while creating a video for your event’s promotion, make sure it has high definition, an attractive background, a clear voice, with some light background music and a powerful script. Post it on your business or company page before the date of the event. If your company or business is constantly hosting events, then you can also sign-in for a free Youtube channel. By investing a small amount, you can reach hundreds of visitors within a short time. To promote your event and increase brand loyalty, make sure to persuade potential visitors to share the video and subscribe for upcoming events.

Offer Free Event Passes:

Everyone loves to receive free gifts.  So offering promotions to visitors will help motivate potential customers to attend your event.  So you can try the following things:

•    Offer giveaways like; free passes or tickets to your Youtube subscribers or to people who like comments and share your Facebook event ad on their walls.

•    You can also run a countdown with cheap passes offer within a specific time on your Facebook official page and website. It will inspire more and more people to get engaged in the event updates. These kinds of “Strategies to Promote Your Event on Social Media” will be very helpful. 

•    Provide a free photo-booth for visitors to have fun at the event.

•   Organise a contest for your visitors, this will create interest in the event.

Share Some Pleasant Memories From the Previous Event:

It will be a great idea to share the past event photos of visitors on your 

Facebook fan page “OR” Re-Tweet on Twitter. You can also make a slideshow from these pictures. P

eople really believe something that reflect their imagination and memories.

Testimonial videos gathered from the previous event can also attract new potential event visitors. So post real testimonials taken in the natural environment on your social media pages. This will make a great positive impact on your event branding.

Go Live During the Event:

People like to remain up to date about everything.  So why not keep them up to date about what is happening live at your event by going “Live on Social Media “and creating the buzz for the event and the following events.  

If you can employ several community managers for your social media accounts and ask them to go live on your Facebook business page & Youtube Channel; this will help make the non-attendees feel part of the event.   Continue to post live event images and short live-stream videos of the attendees having fun.  Keep updating the public through news and updates about the event and its related activities during and after the event.

This will create a gripping feeling among all and create motivation for more to attend the event with their family & friends. 

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