How to plan a successful Online Event

How to plan a successful Online Event

The term RSVP Online usually refers to a request to an invited person to respond to their wedding invitation whether they will or not be present at the planned event.   The term is derived from the French phase repondez s’il vous plait, which means please respond.

Whether it’s a party Online RSVP, a wedding rsvp online, a stag/hen rsvp or a baby shower rsvp, the emphasis on relying on the invited person to respond is very important.  By sending an early response to the event planner an invited person primarily is showing consideration and courtesy.  In addition an early response to an invitation will contribute to planning a successful event and creating an accurate budget for the guests.  Having an accurate head count can save wasting a huge amount of money as an event planner won’t be happy if money has been spent on guests attending the event, only to find empty chairs on the day of the event.   Those who have planned events in the past know how stressful and difficult it can be to manage the guest list amongst trying to manage other things.

The next question is how can an RSVP online event planner contribute to having a good return of online rsvp’s from their guests?  Well designing an online invitation that is easy to read and understand is important, guests like to know the important information about the event first, such as purpose of the event, date, time and location.  It can be argued that guests find the event information as more important than the attractive elaborate colourful design of the invitation.  An event planner also needs their invitation to easily explain how the guest can rsvp and the importance of responding by a certain deadline, because as soon as the invitation is put aside it’s more than likely that the guest will forget to rsvp, so time is an important factor. has provided a cost free modern solution that can potentially save the event planner huge amount of money and stress. We created a free wedding RSVP Online  By planning the event on our online RSVP service, invitations can be emailed, or printed on an insert.   A unique event code will be distributed to your guests; this will enable your guests to sign on to the site and respond instantaneously to your invitation via computer, mobile or tablet device.   A guest list will be created and updated every time a guest responds to your invitation so management of your head count should be made easier.   This service provides two fold effects, firstly it saves the event planner money, time and stress and secondly it makes the response process easy for the guests

RSVP online also saves the environment, along with a few other things below,  

such terms such as “Environmental friendly”, “sustainability” and “going green” have become vastly popular in recent times. These terms have been in embraced in all walks of life whether in business, social, or personal ways.   These terms generally promote a life style that will not damage the environment but will enhance healthier living.  Eventrii is conscious of our responsibility to the environment and so has listed ways we can all do to contribute to healthy living

  1. Travel by foot, bicycle or public transport where you can
  2. Recycle unwanted goods
  3. Conserve Water – Take a shower instead of a bath, repair leaking taps
  4. Turn lights off when you leave the room
  5. Collect rainwater, and use it to water your garden and wash your car
  6. Save Paper- Send emails or electronic Invitations and let your guests RSVP online 

No matter what type of invitations that is used albeit written or online invitations, they should all give an indication of the nature of the event, and should answer why the event is happening, the date of the event and where the event is taking place. An invitation should have the following information:

  • Name of the host
  • The reason why the event is happening
  • Date of the event
  • Start Time
  • Location
  • Dress
  • RSVP details

The purpose of the invitations no matter what type is to give an insight into the event, and hopefully create excitement. 

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