How to RSVP Online to an event via email

How to RSVP Online to an event via email

Eventrii has seen the need of providing online invitations to guest and removing the need of posting and making phone calls confirming their RSVP to an event. Electronic invitations or E invites have long been an idea that appeals to our generation of event tech experts. Eventrii decided to act as an online event planner to help you RSVP to an event. We are registering new users every day that recommend this online event service and love the picture gallery twist alongside their normal social media accounts, like face book. Our customers have used this service for online wedding invitations, stags parties, hen parties and work place functions. We recommend you follow us and keep up to date with any free offers and new services that we feature every month and show you the only way to RSVP Online to an event.


Eventrii has a clear business plan which is to be the leading online event planner. We want to create excitement before and after events, while you create events in 2015. When you send out your online invitations, we believe this should be easier and kept online to track RSVP Online. You can access the invitations online at work, home and in any place that has an internet connection. The online pictures and photos can be accessed after and during the event. The pictures or photos you receive can also be uploaded and shared with any other social media site. The concept is simple, getting more out of your organised event with less work. 

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For further information regarding how to create an online event, distribute free electronic invitations, utilise the online rsvp tracker and learn how to use the event photo sharing please click on this link RSVP Online to view our video tutorial. You will have a 30 day free trial period and then you will need to upgrade to continue to use this service.

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