Paper straws UK wholesale

Eco or environmentally friendly party paper supplies is now something the event industry and food industry have been trying to implement, the government want single use plastic gone with a massive drill down effort on plastic drinking straws in particular, to introduce paper drinking straws or biodegradable drinking straws.

The bigger UK companies now need to find where they can buy wholesale paper drinking straws in the UK. The prices of paper drinking straws is higher than plastic drinking straws, so buying paper straws in bulk is the smarter way to ensure you’re getting the cheapest price. Cheap and affordable paper straws is what we are trying to provide.

But where can I buy or get paper drinking straws and who sells paper straws? Well lucky for you we have paper straws for sale that are vegan friendly. Halls Paper Straws is based in the UK and ensures our paper party supplies can be bought in smaller quants or bulk, but we stress the best way for companies to make the switch cost effectively is to buy paper straws in bulk for cheaper wholesale prices in the UK.

Halls Paper Straws supply striped paper drinking straws in various colours and sizes. We have red and white striped paper straws wholesale or in smaller quants, black and white striped paper straws wholesale or in smaller quants, green and white striped paper straws wholesale and more.

Our paper straws are made here in the UK and pass all UK production standards. We also sell our paper straws on Ebay and locally in Birmingham. We can provide paper drinking straws for restaurants, hotels, bars, pubs and hospitals. We find that Bars and Clubs may need black paper cocktail straws for the nightlife scene.

If you have any particular colour you need purchased in bulk we can quote you on the price, delivery time and best way to purchase what you need if you require, striped paper straws or plain paper straws in various different colours or styles

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