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When we think about an Event, we usually start to get excited but have you tried RSVP online. With the introduction of quality camera phones, we now like to share photos online at all Events with our phones so that we can showcase them and show people that you had a good weekend and have a healthy social life in 2017.

Then there is the other side of Events when you are organising them. The stress on “how can I gather everyone’s responses” without using RSVP online; “my company don’t like using social networks to share photos of the corporate events”. It starts to sound very stressful and time consuming. Well that’s why Eventrii decided to make a difference in creating Events, by using free RSVP online.

We would agree that management of online Events is easier online, that clearly makes sense, so decided to create a free RSVP online database that enables your attendees to login to an easy to use RSVP system and confirm their attendance, easy and free RSVP tool. You can then generate or view a list at any time, making your life a little easier.

We have organised many free RSVP online events in the UK, so now you know what free uk RSVP online system.

The pictures or photographs taken at these events on mobiles can be uploaded to your own personal event profile by all the guests. The photos will need to be approved by the event organiser therefore keeping the dignity of the occasion. The site is phone friendly and adds to the fun of taking photos at your event and sharing them but this time exclusively with those that attended.

The Events Eventrii cater for has a vast variety and to be honest can be used for large social gatherings or very small gatherings. Below we have listed events that we consider just right for using Eventrii,



Weddings can be stressful but as a bride, this is one less thing to worry about. Plan your wedding with Eventrii

The Free RSVP Online

Social Gatherings/ Celebration meals

Social gatherings can be so much more fun when guest can bring all photos taken together in one place, not his or her personal social media accounts. The events own personal account for social gatherings and celebration meals.

Corporate Events/ Work do

Corporate events or company parties can use this site to control invitations and photos, so that they are not on social networks. If you are organizing the corporate event or company party then this will make your life easier. The work do planner.

Stag/Hen Parties

Some pictures or photos should only be seen by the people on the stag or hen party. Stag do’s and Hen do’s can be stressful to organize, so let Eventrii help.

Gaming Events

Who doesn’t love the gaming events? Well I certainly love attending and Eventrii has proved successful in the gaming industry when planning gaming events.

Big Parties/Small parties/Kids parties

Track invitation responses and gather photos, RSVP made easy. Let the world of photo sharing help you enjoy your big parties or small parties.

Anniversary party

Anniversary parties can be stressful to organize and mom and dad don’t really use Facebook, Instagram etc. So as the organizer or the anniversary party organizer you can manage the invites and photo sharing by letting the guest do all the work.

Team building days

If you have been tasked with organizing a team building day, then track replies and photo share the funny photos online. Team building photos can be viewed by those attended and they can comment on funny photos from the team building day.

If we have missed any then I’m sure you can fill in the gaps. Events should be fun and easy to plan in our eyes, so test out the site and put the tool to the test.

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Hi Event Buddy

For further information regarding how to create an online event, distribute free electronic invitations, utilise the online rsvp tracker and learn how to use the event photo sharing please click on this link RSVP Online to view our video tutorial. You will have a 30 day free trial period and then you will need to upgrade to continue to use this service.

Have a great day.