Become a online event organiser by following these simple and fun steps to set up your RSVP tracker


Creating Your Event Page

Create your Event Page, Send your online invitations, Enable your guests to RSVP by uploading their photo and see who is going to the event, Manage your guest list, upload and share the event photos with your guests, share your event on Twitter and enjoy online chat with your guests.Start your online event by entering your upcoming event details into the required boxes such as name of your event, location and time. 

  • Add additional information such as menu and drinks options
  • Upload Photos that best describes your event, for guests to see
  • Access your event page from any device

Invite your Guests to your Event

Create your guest list by entering or uploading your guests email address on to the event page.  An online invitation will be sent to each of your guest detailing the upcoming event and the link to rsvp. As each event creates a unique code, you may choose not to send email invitations but instead choose to print the event inserts or send the code to your guests electronically via social media outlets or SMS.


Manage and Track your Guests

Once guests receive the invitation they can log on to eventrii and rsvp using the event code.  Their response will automatically be sent back to the event organiser and an updated guest list will be created. 

Photo Gallery

The event organiser and guests have the opportunity to take photos and upload them to the event page simultaneously.  Guests can like and comment on each photo to help create interaction and remember the special moments of the night.

  • Guests can upload photos of the event
  • Guests can like the event photos
  • Guests can comment on the event photos
  • Share the special moments of the event with your guests
  • Access photos from any device
Choose Eventrii to Send FREE Online Invitations and RSVP Online

Hi Event Buddy

For further information regarding how to create an online event, distribute free electronic invitations, utilise the online rsvp tracker and learn how to use the event photo sharing please click on this link RSVP Online to view our video tutorial. You will have a 30 day free trial period and then you will need to upgrade to continue to use this service.

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